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One Plus 2 – The charm continues

One Plus one has entered the generation next with its new One Plus 2 phone. Those who know One Plus one would also know that this phone has made a major impact on the Smartphone market from the very day of its launch. The phone which was designed to include all the features at affordable price may not have shoot up the sales figures but it has definitely given a new outlook to the market. The Smartphone market has seen how a start-up company can also move the entire market with its innovation and pricing strategy.Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.
The company on same lines have now come up with One Plus 2 phone which is priced bit higher compared to the existing One Plus strategy but still there is lot in store for those seeking feature rich phone. There are some modifications which go against this phone while many more work for the phone. The micro SD card slot has been removed which is the big setback. Again the features like fast charging and NFC are also missing. The company on other hand has provided slot for second SIM which is currently one of the most demanded features in India.

As far as the exterior of the phone is concerned, it is more like One Plus one with some changes here and there. The popular sandstone finish is still there which has equal lovers and haters. If you are amongst the haters then One Plus 2 has specially designed back covers for you with various options like Black Apricot, Bamboo, Rosewood, and Kevlar to make your phone look unique amongst others.

The phone is supported by Oxygen OS 2.0 and Android 5.1.1 along with many other security features that you may get with some of the handsets from Apple and Samsung.

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