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One Plus Dash Charging Technology: Most probably an April Fools Day Prank

Soon after the launch of the limited Edition of Collete and Midnight Black, a new successor of One Plus 3T series, released a teaser indicating that there could be a launch of dash charge on March 31st, which will be a compliant product with dash charge. The teaser stated that ‘Meet the future of dash Charge Tomorrow’. This statement in the teaser compelled users to think that, the company might announce some gadget or Power bank to charge its latest One plus smartphone or a dash charge attuned Power bank.Check here for more Oneplus Accessories.

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Dash Charge technology basically supports one plus 3T smartphones to get them charged up to 65 per cent in just 30 minutes of charging. It enables phone to get extra life with great speed while going outdoors, without using Power bank.
“What do you think it is a Power bank or Phone?”, One plus has issued this teaser, which hints that company is all set to launch a new product compatible with dash charge. One plus has also released a video which shows Dash energy drink, almost similar to Red bull lines. Users anticipate that this could be company’s April fools Day prank.
In the tweet One plus stated, what should we dash charge next? Showing the image of shoe, bottle, toothbrush and cleaning brush. But it is reported that the actual announcements will be unveiled shortly by the company.

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Reports also confirm that, as per company’s statement Dash Energy drink will be available at selected cities throughout the world from april 1st. In India, the Dash Energy Drink can will be available at One Plus Experience store in Bangalore from 1st April 2017.
It is expected that the company will soon launch the Dash charge amenable Power bank, else the new additional feature technology, will be restricted to One plus smartphones only.

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