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OnePlus One launch a new Power Bank with the 10000mAh!


In December, the OnePlus company announced the 10000mAh power bank back then. This power bank was tagged at $14.99 or EUR 15.99 which would be roughly about Rs.950 Finally the company,OnePlus gave out the launch date for this power bank which is March 17.


The company announced that the OnePluse would be launching its first ever power bank on March 17 which is Today by the Google+ official account. This new power bank would be available in Silk White and the Sandstone Black colours.


The new power bank has the two USB ports for the contiguous charging with those two charging ports. This OnePlus power bank would take up to 5.5 hours of the self charging. It is about, 142.8×72.6×16.2mm and it would weight about 220 grams.


It is to note that the OnePlus the company revealed the date of the power bank. To purchase of this power bank there is no need for the invitation. The availability depends up on the range that are available in the region.


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