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OnePlus Two ready to boast its latest Fingerprint Scanning Technology

Latest buzz in smart phone industry is made by OnePlus Two handset which is all set to be launched. The official launch of this Android innovation is still to be announced but before that, the company has come up with some revelations for the technology lovers. The phone which is expected to be with display screen of 5.5 to 5.7 inches have also confirmed to be having the one of its kind USB-C port for charging, which is definitely new for the Smart phone industry.


The Smart phone industry will surely come across some great operational experience with this handset as it has been said to be having the fingerprint scanning technology which would actually be better than the Touch ID.



As mentioned on the official blog page of OnePlus, the finger print sensor is done right. It’s refined and lightening quick, unlocking your device faster than Touch ID. It has also stressed upon the security of the Smart phone as the prime concern behind this technology as the phone these days has been the personal device and its security has always been the major concern for the owner.
The use of this fingerprint scanning technology, according to the company is solely for safe unlocking of the phone and would not be used as the selling point for the same. It will store up to five different fingerprint profiles at a time.

This fingerprint scanning technology is also employed by Samsung in its Samsung Galaxy S5, but as per Germany’s Security Research Lab, this technology used by Samsung is not at that secure. Now, OnePlus Two is again coming up with this technology in its newest addition, so speculations are high and experts are ready to try these “Better than Touch ID” technology to test its security levels.

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