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PlayStation VR headset’s potential is wasted on the PS4

With the introduction of Indian Games Expo IGX 2016, the PlayStation VR has also made its way to India this month. Sony has demonstrated its latest PlayStation VR in India at IGX this month.
For any game lover who wants to have a perfect 360-degree experience in gaming can use Play station virtual reality headsets. When talking about PSVR it is a perfect budget alternative of HTC vive and Oculus Rift which are costlier than PSVR.Click Here For More On VR Headset


The rift and vive uses sensors and require tracking cameras to function while the PSVR uses PS camera and simple LEDs to track the orientation. The PSVR gives you full HD experience with wide HD screen while rift and Vive both have 2K resolution screens with lesser sharp images.

The most interesting fact is that Sony has proclaimed that PSVR uses 3 subpixels per rendered pixel while the both Rift and Vive use 2 subpixels per rendered pixel. This results into rendering a denser image than the Vive and Rift and makes it a better experience for the virtual reality.
But there is a sad news also, the PS4 des not comply with the standards of PSVR as the justification of headset is not well optimized.


The major problem of PSVR and PS4 combination is that headset is not fully optimized and games do not collaborate else. While having a connection with PS4 the PSVR’s headset shows a static screen with no head tracking and very low-quality sound and of course it would not be 360 degrees audio for PSVR games.

While using PSVR with several consoles along with PS4 we can conclude that PS4 is wrong selection as a console for play station a virtual reality. We hope that PS4 pro will manage higher resolutions in virtual reality on upcoming models.

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