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Portable Photo Printer Now the Part of Micromax Yu

Micromax keeps on bringing new products to its Yu range and all those products are not smartphones for sure! The company first offered fitness band and smartphone to the market, which is now followed by the portable printer. The company launched YuPix, a portable printer that is quite compact and gets you the best image quality.
This printer is available only through online selling platform initially and is priced at Rs.6,999. Click Here for more Micromax Accessories.


This printer is the pocket sized printer and it is very easy to use. The image can be printed in just 60 seconds. The image transfer is also very quick as one can do it almost 10 times faster as the device comes with inbuilt NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity.


There are any features in this device that together make it the best pick. It comes with integrated photo paper and ink ribbon that allows the user to take 10 copies continuously. The cartridge is also excusive and doesn’t require any sort of cleaning roll. You can use this compact YuPix printer to print the images of size 2.1 X 3.4 inch having the printing resolution 291 dpi.

The 273 gram weighing printer works on Dye Sublimation technique and has 750mAh battery for better backup. It is very well compatible with both iOS and Android devices that offer you the flexibility to use it anywhere and with any of the smart devices.

This is the whole new segment to be explored by a smartphone maker and it will surely expand its market share but still as the sources reveal, there is a slim market available for the printers now as most of the people tend to work with soft copies of the pictures and documents.

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