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ProtonMail End to End Encrypted Email App Launched for Android and iOS

iOS and Android users can now use ProtonMail App which was earlier for invite only customers. ProtonMial App offers end to end encrypted email service to the users. Android and iOS users can get this app worldwide through iTunes store and Google Play.Click here for more Android and iOS Mobile Accessories.


CEO of the company Andy Yen stated that the company has been working on the Beta from August’15. This facility in the ProtonMail app allows end to end encryption of emails and messages stored on the ProtonMail server that protects them from being accessed by other apps and websites.

According to the company’s statement given to TechnewsWorld, ProtonMail cannot read the emails and messages of the users, so the chances of messages going to the other apps are not present and technically not possible and thus it provides full privacy and security to its users.

The servers of ProtonMail company are based in Switzerland, which is not accessible to other country’s authorities and also ProtonMail can be reviewed by its community as its client side code is an open source for its users.

Since there is no Advertising done in the ProtonMail app, the service is not entirely free for the users. Instead of earning through advertisements, the company charges from its users and by doing this, company provides full security.


The base service is free of cost, where users get 1 GB of storage free. The users of ProtonMail can upgrade their service at any time by upgrading it to paid account or by sending charity money to the company fund where no advertisements are taken.

ProtonMail does not offer advertisements like Google and Facebook, who use privacy of their users to sell Advertisements. For raising success company is giving credit to all the support that users have extended and in future also company is expecting same support from its users by providing them privacy and security.

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