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Quick and Easy DIY Tips for Smart Smartphone Photography

Using the Smartphone for photography? Don’t know how to get the effect of professional camera with this small sized handy device then here are some DIY ideas that will make your Smartphone turn into professional camera instantly.

1. Use the shades to give the shades

Using the sunglasses to give the shades to the picture is the great idea. If you are taking a picture in high day light then remove the shades from your eyes and put it in front of your camera lens as it will reduce the light and would also give effect to the picture.


2. Make your own projector

No need to go for high priced projectors as you can have one with the help of cardboard box. Just place your extra camera lens at one side of the cardboard box and you will have your DIY projector ready to take professional quality pictures.

3. Aerial Shots

You don’t need to charter a plane or helicopter to take the aerial shots. Use the helium balloon and see you get the good quality aerial shots without actually going high.

image 2

4. Pinhole Camera Effect

This is very simple as you can take one piece of cardboard and cut out a simple pinhole. Place your smartphone behind this pinhole and click the picture. The old time charm of pinhole camera will go live with this latest technology Smartphones.

5. 3D Image Capturing

No 3D app is required to capture a 3D image. You can hold an empty photo frame or just a rectangular or square cutout around your subject and watch how beautifully the image gets converted into 3D image.
All these 5 DIY ideas can be used to make photography fun and capture your precious moments in smartphone with style.

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