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Review of Good Featured Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony is a famous name in the technological industry, manufacturing different devices under its shelter, whether it’s an Audio system or a Television, or a gaming station. One of the devices made by Sony is SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker. This device is a perfect companion of users who are fond of music and want to play it while working on their phone or a laptop. Click Here for More Amazing Bluetooth Speakers.


The SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker has a great design and appearance. With the stylish design and excellent material, this speaker is light in weight and weighs around 215 grams approx. The body of the speaker has grills on the sides and the walls have rubber finishing. There is a micro USB charging port on the back panel of the speaker. It has NFC feature that helps to pair it with other devices. Once paired it can be accessed from a distance and can be very useful while attending meetings and in outdoor activities. Click here for best bluetooth speakers under 100.

This Bluetooth speaker has a unique feature of compatibility with another speaker of its same kind for more stereo sound and surround effect. It is a 10W speaker equipped with the double passive radiator. The sound quality of the SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker is commendable as it has a powerful bass which produces a clear and dynamic sound. This device has a stand by time of 12 hours after it is completely charged. It is compatible with almost all the devices that support Bluetooth function.


Apart from so many good features, the only drawback of this speaker is that it is not equipped with the enough volume to make voice calls.

Sony has priced SRS-X11 Bluetooth speaker at Rs.4500, which is a bit too expensive price as compared to the other Bluetooth speaker brands available in the market.

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