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Rumors on HTC’10 launch date, Specifications and images

HTC the Android phone supporting leading brand in smartphone industry which is running its business smoothly in large consumer market is rumored to launch its new model HTC’10 Smartphone shortly. Although the company has still not declared the official launching date and the specifications apart from attractive and stylish metal body image.Click Here for more HTC Accessories.


There are some leaks on the upcoming HTC 10’s images screening smartphone in different vibrant colors and specifications. There are chances that the specifications might change as well before the date of launch as the HTC’10 is in a sampling phase. The reports from reliable sources stated that the release date has been delayed due to some changes done in the design of the device at a later stage.

The rumors say that HTC’10 is coming with 5.15 inch display screen. It will have a chip of Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 GPU. The device is said to have 4 GB RAM and 12 MP back Camera. As per the leaked information, the phone will also be supporting USB Type-C port. It is heard that the smartphone HTC’10 will be available in grey, gold, Silver and white color.

It is rumored that the specifications of HTC’10 will have a good competition between Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. The phone will come for sale in US market first and the company has also posted mystery image with the tag #powerof10. This has given base to the rumors that the name of the device is to be called HTC’10. The phone is expected to look more like One A9.


HTC 10 name has also been confirmed by @Onleaks with specifications, images and design. All the leaked images, the ones released by press and those that company posted as tease image are all alike.

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