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S for Smartwatch and S for Samsung!


You must have heard about a thing called leaving no stone unturned! Yes! That is exactly what is happening in today’s Gizmo market! Nobody is leaving any room for their competitors!

Nevertheless, Samsung had already released its smartwatch into the market recently than the news of its new G3 smartwatch is up! It is said that the company has planned to launch its G3 smartwatch somewhere around the corner!

samsung smartwatch 3

It has also been heard that G3 smartwatch will sport a rectangular and curved display. The watch will be thin, have great color saturation and high brightness. Although it will not provide you with a camera but it surely has provision for a radio! The watch will run on Tizen and will have a rectangular and larger button.

The company, however believes, “the more the merrier!” Hence, it wants to saturate the wearable gear market in all its products!

Samsung smartwatch 2

Let’s wait for that cool piece of craft from Samsung!

Stay Tuned!

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