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Samsung all set to bring back the old time charm of Blackberry keyboard

Since the touch screen has entered the smartphone segment, people have aligned well with these touch pads. The leading smartphone giant, Samsung has now taken the touch screen saga in flashback by announcing the physical keyboard in their new launches aligned in this year. It was really a great moment to rejoice for the technology lovers when Samsung announced its new generation phones, S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.Click Here for more Samsung Accessories.


These new entries in Samsung brigade are having 5.7 inch displays making them more of the phablets. While S6 plus is just the extension of the current S6, Note 5 has noted some improvements in terms of stylus. These phones are amongst the most awaited ones from Samsung family but when Samsung made certain announcements along with these phones, it grabbed quite a lot of announcement.

Company announced Samsung Play that would offer live video streaming in collaboration with YouTube. Apart from this, there was one major announcement made which made everybody raise their eyebrows and that is about “Physical Keyboard”. Yes, this smartphone giant is coming up with a physical keyboard like Blackberry.


Those who have mastered the art of using touch pad or virtual keyboard may not find anything exciting in this Blackberry type physical keyboard but if you are still struggling with these new age keyboards then Samsung has made it easy for you by getting nostalgic.

This move from Samsung has remained the point of debate though as not everybody is convinced about this nostalgic move. The success of Blackberry type keyboard is still a mystery but one thing is sure that success of new Samsung innovations will further give a way to these physical keyboards in the phones to come.

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