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Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge Olympic Games Edition goes official

Samsung Electronics with its worldwide Olympic partner made official announcement of Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited edition in the ceremony of Rio Olympic Games at Sao Paulo in Brazil. In collaboration with the organizing committee Samsung is also introducing Rio 2016 app which will provide users, fans and athletes all the news and updates about the Rio Olympic Games 2016.Click Here for More Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge Accessories.

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With the international Olympic committee, the company is aiming to give away 12500 Samsung Galaxy edge Olympic limited edition to the participants of Rio 2016 so that they can communicate with their families conveniently.

Galaxy S7 is the first ever device which that is designed especially for Olympic Games. It also carries five rings on the home and lock screen of the user interface. The logo is also embedded on the messages, dial numbers and contact book. There are preloaded Rio 2016 wallpapers in the device.
With the Galaxy S7 phone athletes will also get the accessories along with it like gear IconX wireless ear buds which also has an ear heart rate monitor and standalone music player. Once it is paired with smartphone fitness app can also be accessed.

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According to Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing communications Business Samsung Electronics, sport is all about challenging complacency and Olympic Games is a platform for athletes to celebrate their growth and achievements. He also stated in his statement that Samsung admires the essence of athletes and their fans who aim to perform better.

Company is also providing opportunity to the public to celebrate Rio 2016 with the Limited edition of Galaxy S7 which will be available for purchase from July 18th’2016. This phone will be open for sale in selected countries that includes Brazil, USA, China, Germany and Russia.

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