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Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Hands-On Review! Catch the Video!

Published on October 30, 2014 by in Reviews, Videos

It is reviewed as one of the best phablets in the market till date! That is a huge compliment for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for sure but wasn’t this known to all of us! I think it certainly was!

So, along with the hands-on video review, let’s find out the key features that makes Samsung Note 4, a Mega Star!

1.Okay, now Galaxy Note 4 has stuck to the same screen size of 5.7 inch that is Super Amoled like its predecessor! Although the resolution and the viewing angles have been bettered. Along with the Gorilla Glass on top, there is another plastic attached to the screen for better protection from falls and bumps.

2.Well, if you look at the Note 4 minutely, you’ll understand that a metallic rim on the sides have been added to make it more posh! Most of you will perceive it as Note 3! Sorry if that disappoints you. But otherwise, you’ll not be upset with its weight and color at all. If you want to compare, then it is certainly bigger than LG G3!

3.At 2.7 GHz, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor is the best to feature in the market. The company is certainly trying out stronger avenues in building its 4G network in India. It, too comes with fingerprint sensor like Alpha and S5 along with a heart rate monitor!

4.Samsung Note 4 almost has optimized on all the major software for more attractive and competitive functioning. Earlier devices from the company had a limitation of opening two apps at the same time but Note 4 has exceeded in that expectation!

5.The rear camera with 13MP and the front facing to 3.7 MP, Note 4 camera is fabulously designed with greatness of capturing a wide range of the surrounding! And the captured pictures are very detailed and crisp!

It is very good for multi-tasking, performs greatly with faster processor and software updates! It is actually a device that probably you cannot go wrong with! When I say that I have to also mention that it is priced at Rs 58,300! So, you better decide what you would like to do!

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