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Samsung Galaxy S8: Rumors, News Leaks and everything you should know

Samsung Galaxy 7 was almost everything we hoped for. But there’s also room for improvement, so we have a huge wishlist for what we want to see in Samsung Galaxy S8. We have all the news about the phone, so read on for all the latest information on Samsung’s upcoming model.Check Here For More Samsung Accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S8 news and rumors

The information is slowly growing though we are still waiting for the strong rumors on what components and design we must see. The thoughts are divided into four sections that include 4K screen, Snapdragon 830 processor, RAM of 6GB and an improved camera. There are also chances that it will have an iris scanner or a folded screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

The phone is likely to launch in early 2017. Regarding when you’ll be able to see the phone for the first time, expect March 13 our best guess. Though there’s one leak that talks about April release so that the wait could be longer as usual. There’s also speculations that Samsung might bring the release date forward but it isn’t clear that how forward the release date would be, but S7 is likely to arrive before the beginning of 2017.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen

Sources have reported that Samsung will make two versions of Galaxy S8 and both will come with curved screens. Models are Dream and Dream 2 with 5.1 inches and 5.5-inch display respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S8 design

Samsung is on something with the design of Galaxy S6 and now Galaxy S7. Its metal body and glass has lead to one of the most attractive handsets. Samsung slightly covered the edge of the Galaxy S7, so it will make Galaxy S8 curvier. It will more focus on making the phone thinner. We don’t expect much change on the design front.

Samsung Galaxy S8 camera and battery

Samsung is working on its new camera, which will be between 18 MP and 24 MP and also have a wide aperture of f/1.4, while Samsung Galaxy S7 has narrow f/1.7. The front facing camera will have an 8MP, up from 5MP of Galaxy S7.The battery rumors so far can be seen will have a large 4200mAh pack with the support of wireless and fast charging.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Power and OS

The 830 Snapdragon isn’t official yet, but it is rumored and is the next name for major flagship smartphone chip from Qualcomm. A leak also suggests that Galaxy S8 would have 3.2 GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor which sounds very fast. RAM is expected to be at least 4GB, but Samsung is likely to upgrade to 6GB.

Samsung Galaxy S8 other features and price

We could also see the iris scanner on the smartphone, as the company had one in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the feature is also rumored for Galaxy S8. Another source also suggested that the scanner will come with a mini projector that includes the capacity of 64GB and 128GB nd also has a microSD card slot.
Smart Glow feature that was available only in Galaxy J2 so far has come up again with functions like heart rate reading. Other than this, a reversible USB Type connector and a tight body are also the added features. Price would be likely to go high than Galaxy S7.

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