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Samsung Playbook Rewritten to Halt Smartphone Slide

It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is coming with 10 nanometer 6 GB RAM.

The company has not officially announced the launch of the new added feature to the mobile but is planning to make it public on the official launch of Galaxy Pro A9. It is also rumored that the company is introducing its new smartphone in European countries and will later launch it in China.Click here for more Samsung Accessories.


Samsung is also expected to make changes in few components in the smartphone models before it is introduced in the market. The company has made variations in the slide feature of the smartphone. Galaxy 7 has also undergone changes related to the camera specifications by opting for pixels for autofocus features in its device. These changes proved to be a good success for the smartphone. An executive from the company also stated that the handset market is been stabilized and had earned huge profits in the last two years.

Samsung with the boom in 2013 has incurred good profit but after that there was a steep drop in the profits because of the change in the market conditions and Samsung mobile were overpriced according as compared with other Chinese brands available in the market. Soon after this company has redesigned its smartphone according to the demand of the market and made changes in the appearance, screen by giving it OLED feature. Experts believe that this will work positively for the company in regaining their market share.


Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy 7 this year with 12 mega pixel primary camera with good picture output and better auto focus feature. The company has made changes to its camera from 16 mega pixels to 12 mega pixels at the last moment. The company changed its focus from high specification camera to improved quality.

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