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Samsung worried about Google’s Android One India project!

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It is notably visible now that the mobile king of the Indian market is now panicking gradually with the seamless offers of Google’s Android One! With an OS as smart as its smartphones, it seems the giant is rethinking about its mid-budgeted mobile’s future in India!

It is natural for any giant to be in-secured taking into account the massive scale project that Google Android One has showcased! With three budgeted domestic key players like Micromax, Karbonn and Spice trying too woo the ladder of success, the foreign player Samsung is having jittered nights!

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It has slashed one of its core device Samsung Galaxy Core 2 price from Rs 11,900 to Rs 8007! The sudden cut of price is speculated to be the launch of Android One phones with the three key smartphone makers of India! The time is going to harden up for Samsung mid-range smartphones since the highest price of Android One phone is under Rs 6500!

This move may also be due to the entry of smart budgeted phones of ASUS and Xiaomi over the last few days! Whatever may be the case, the ball seems to be moving out of the King’s court this time!

Samsung, ideate some new strategies soon or else it takes seconds for luck to change!

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