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SanDisk launched the 200GB of the microSDXC card.


The SanDisk company launched the new memory card. It just pushed the boundaries for the portable storages. They have launched the new SanDisk microSDXC memory card. This card would have up to 200GB of the capacity.

It is to note that they paid the cost of the average handset $400 for the new SanDisk 200GB of the Ultra microSDXC UHS 1 Premium Edition card when the users may not have the actually use for it.


In the most of the devices in the market that support the microSD would have the extended support up to 128GB card for the time. Which would include the new HTC One M9 as well.

This company also launched the new SanDisk 32GB dual USB pen drive which has the reversible USB Type C 3.1 connector. With this C type all the compatible smartphone and tablets are expected to launch in few months.


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