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Sennheiser Momentum has got up the Ear plug-in’s !


On Tuesday the Sennheiser launched the new Momentum Ear plug-in’s or the headphones in India and is priced at 6,990. This firm previously launched the MM 30G earphones in October, this year.

They have been made for the Apple products, the Sennheiser Momentum earphones would feature the premium grade and the stainless steel and is built along side a 1.3 meter dual tone with the elliptical cable.


The company, the Sennheiser says that the ear phones, Momentum In- Ear i Black is been made for the Apple products and the Momentum In – ear g is made for the Android devices and would be releasing in the coming months in India.


This firm added that the ear phones make use of the stainless steel acoustic pipe and even the dynamic speaker system which would be helpful to deliver the perfect sound. The Sennheiser Momentum earphones that would come with extra ear buds and of several sizes. There are three button in line for the cable for the remote controlling the music and attending calls.


It used the company’s own transducer technology, which the earphone offers a powerful bass response and the detailed vocal projection and even the great sound.


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