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Six Smartphones with the Most Distinct Features!


Let’s straightaway find out what are the six smartphones sporting the most unique features from the rest!

Nokia Lumia 1020– The world’s highest MP camera phone with the highest resolution!


LG G3– The first smartphone with an autofocus camera!


Amazon Fire Phone– This is a smartphone of its kind where it uses five front facing cameras for capturing the picture perfectly. One camera does a normal job and the other four cameras scan the user’s eyes!


HTC One M8– It is the only smartphone in the world that has two rear cameras! Isn’t that awesome. The smaller camera’s purpose is to add depth to the image.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge– This smartphone from Samsung has a screen to the side! Isn’t that Incredible! This feature is to the right side of the phone that shows some additional features.


Gionee Elife S5.5- It is referred as the world’s thinnest smartphone with 5.5mm thickness!


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