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Skin Rash? You can blame the iPad probably!

Child n iPad

Dr. Sharon Jacob in Chicago had detected a young boy of eleven years old with an allergy not very common among children of that age!

Nickel allergies are not life-threatening but can cause discomfort to anyone who gets expose to it.

Such was the case with the young boy, who had to undergo several tests to finally be diagnosed with Nickel allergy. And guess what? The allergy was a condition from the most hyped technological innovations of all times, an iPad!

It was later discovered that the outer surface coating used for making the iPad surfaces glaze and shiny, the allergy inducing metal Nickel is generally used! Post 2010, the boy was using the pad and the symptom just got added steadily. The medication for such allergy is slightly variant than the usual. However, the boy was finally treated at a San-Diego hospital. And the iPad was ultimately covered in a case, after which the boy was fine.

Nickel is an allergy causing metal that can be also be found in the quoting of some jewellery, eyeglass frames and zippers but mainly from electronic devices! The percentage of children getting such skin ailment from the metal have increased from 17 % to 25 %! And that’s quite alarming!

Let’s us all hope that the irritating metal Nickel doesn’t extract the tech wizard out of us!

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