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Skype designed for India, gets to work: Reports


This time around it is the debate of the net neutrality making rounds and even for the regulatory frameworks which are for the over the OTT apps are making rounds in India for the debate. Where as, the Skype is in plan to launch the country specific app.


Filipp Seljanko, a spokesperson for Skype said the plans for the launch of the India specific Skype app this Thursday. He also claimed that this would offer the video and voice over Internet protocol service which can be optimized for the Indian markets and the Indian mobile networks for good experience on 2G and 3G as well.


Microsoft, which decided to develop the after intense market research which even showed the competitors like Viber which were managing to actually pit up a better show for its users in India. Filipp also said that, “India’s 2G and the 3G networks and also the smartphone use which would be a challenge for us.”


Few reports from the Microsoft say that the Microsoft is actually hoping to have the new Skype for Indian applications for the sales of Nokia Asha and also the Lumia which are preloaded with it.


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