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Sony Xperia Z3- Climbing Up or Spinning its Tail! Find the Review

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Well, lets straight away jump to what the newer and I would like to tag as the elder brother of Xperia Z2 has for us in store! Is it really a Dashing thing or just the upgraded version of the younger one!


Not for the mid-range category buyers, the Sony phone is priced at Rs 51,990.


Well the first look of the mobile phone is kind of attractive with its well-carved edges and a glossy rear. The phone is available in colors of black, copper, white and a sea-green silver. So, amongst the four variants, my heart swings in favour of the copper one. You can find a nylon cap on the curved edges of the phone, making it look a little dented and polished. The phone might not look pretty to people who are in are looking for a little bling factor. It has a plain yet elegant exterior.


Well it might not be the super AMOLED display of Samsung but it has certainly improved from the boring display of its predecessors. The viewing experience has been a notch higher and truly speaking very vibrant and thrilling. It is a 5.2 inches with 1920×1080 (424ppi)! The display is huge and the viewing angles are decent.


Well if you name Sony, you shouldn’t rethink on its performance. It is unambiguous, flawlessly smooth while performing a task. It runs on the quad-core SSnapdragon 801 processor with 3GB RAM for a top notch experience. Whether it is multiple apps or gaming, the Xperia Z3 flies high with no major hang ups. The operating system is that of Android 4.4 KitKat with an Xperia UI. The external storage is 16GB which can be further expanded by 128GB!


Well the battery capacity is a robust 3100 mAh and can play videos upto 8 hours without getting drained. You don’t need your portable charge each time when you play a game or a video.


I don;t think I can criticize it even by an ounce since the rear camera stands at 20.7 MP resolution! The camera has improved with its low light shooting and can swiftly handle a 4K video!

Well, For a Sony fan and a loyal customer, this phone is a nice upgradation of the Z2 model but for a casual freak like me, I would stick to some basic applications and price!

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