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Soon! 2G Connections to Get Faster and Cheaper With Google Search Facility

Google knows everything! This is what we believe and hence there are several instances during the day when we look forward to Google for solving our queries. This is definitely the easiest way to get the solution to varied queries but at the same time, internet plays major role in making this search quicker. The internet connectivity has advanced up to 4G but still there are several internet users who are still using the slower 2G connectivity for their mobiles. Google has taken care of this slow internet connectivity by making Google Search faster for 2G internet connections.

Google Lite - 1

To make this idea of faster Google search connectivity work, this famous search engine has excluded the image loadings from the search results for the slower connections. It has also ensured that only faster loading websites are reflected on the search results for the slower internet connections which means the search results would be customized for the slower connectivity like EDGE, GPRS, and others of the same kind.


Google Lite - 2

This trimmed up Google search option is called Google Lite and it ensures that the pages are loaded faster and the data used in the entire process is low. The 2G users can use this version of Google search to make the search faster and also save on the data usage. This Google Lite version is made available to all Android users and Google has automatic tracking system that tracks the speed of data connection and shuffles between Search Lite and normal search options accordingly.

This new lite version is already prevalent in Indonesia and is successfully offering the easy search to the people there and has now entered India with its faster surfing features. Google transcodes work for automatic switching between the different search options to offer faster loading experience to its users.

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