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Steel HR water-resistant smartwatch launched by Withings at IFA 2016

IFA 2016 at Berlin has witnessed many new entrants depicting latest technology and style. Amongst many new names buzzing in the industry, the one in the news is water-resistant Steel HR smartwatch from Withings, the Finnish consumer electronics manufacturer. Just like the earlier activity tracker launched from Withings, this new watch is also having analogue dial.Click Here for More Smart Watches.


Steel HR smartwatch also has a digital dial along with the analogue one to show the heat rate, activity level, steps taken, and also the calls. One can rely on this watch as a fitness tracker as it starts the heart rate monitoring automatically when one undertakes rigorous exercise like running. Like all other fitness bands it can be used to measure the distance covered while undertaking any sort of physical exercise. With its trendy looks and utility, it is the perfect package for the user as it keeps a record of calories burnt and gives you reminders whenever you are sedentary or need to go for a fluid intake.

This stylish watch can be easily paired with any smartphone via Bluetooth to keep the record of the monitored data on the phone. You can receive the notifications whenever there is a message, phone, or email received on your phone. Even the reminders and alarms for important meetings can be set to get the regular alerts. This sleek and trendy watch from Steel HR is much better than its most of the counterparts in terms of battery backup as the company claims that it would provide around 25 days of battery backup for uninterrupted service. Another major advantage of this watch is that it offer water resistance up to 50 meter, which makes it good for daily use.


The watch is expected to be out in two models – 36mm and 40mm with the price difference of about $20.

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