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SureFire’s 2211- Smart Watch with a Flashlight!

Designed with very specific features, this smartwatch is suitable for the cops, military and emergency response personnels! Not only does it have the looks of a macho but it performs accordingly. It is no joke.

It is SunFire’s 2211, a smartwatch with a flashlight, built from a genuine motive to help the people responsible for enforcing law and civic. How good is that! The built up is a flashlight directly flashing from the watch and illuminating any dark corner or field at night. The depth of the light helps in searching at even the darkest of hour.

Priced at $795, it comes with a rechargeable battery, a high-intensity LED bulb that has the capacity to put 300 lumens at full power! There are 60 and also 15 lumen modes available to help the LED glowing for elongated hours of operation. It is made from aerospace aluminum, very light in weight. The dial is self-illuminating denoting that even if the LED battery drains out, you still have that faint hope of light tied around your hand!

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