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The Blackberry Passport Review

Amidst and amongst so many smartphones around, Blackberry was really known for its corporate & professional touch. Few years back when it was launched, its target audience was exceptionally defined. But somewhere with the innovation of touch screen phones, its authenticity and attractiveness just disappeared.


The Blackberry Passport is a phone that is still trying to hit the iron with niche audiences. Can it do that? Let’s find out!

1.The look of the phone is certainly classy, with its metal frame and polished smooth back but the major problem in adopting a Passport is its awkward dimensions. The Square faced phone is too difficult to hold.
2.The major distinguishing Blackberry feature, the Qwerty Keypad is revamped with a somewhat similar experience but disappointingly it was as friendly as it used to be!
3.The Display is 4.5 inch with 1440×1440 resolution and 451 PPI. It surely gives you a wider angle display than any high-end smartphones like Samsung or iPhone 6 plus. With bright display and vivid colors, the touch sensors are fine to work on.
4.The processor is strong & sturdy. It is powered by 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and runs smoothly without any glitch. The mobile phone performed finely while browsing through websites and apps.
5.On the Software side, the Passport runs on Blackberry OS 10.3, which is the newest version of OS of the company. The fundamentals are the same, just that the UI is divided into three segments of Hub, Active Pane & App panel. A new Blackberry Assistant is the newly added feature, similar to Google Now & Apple’s Siri and does a lot many functions like setting reminder, alarm, answering emails, search, check weather and this feature is really great with voice recognition. It performs its duties just like an Assistant but has to walk a long way to be near to Google Now!
6.The camera with robust 13MP at the rear with OIS, LED flash and 1080p HD video is mostly decent.. It also features a 2MP fixed focus front facing camera that does support a 720p video capture.


It is one of the best & sturdiest phone that Blackberry has ever come up with! That is for sure but the Passport like size of the phone is a real deal. At Rs 49,990, the phone is slightly high priced for the features that it promotes.


This Diwali, it’s going to be confusing and also a real deal with you guys!

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