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The Era of Reprogrammable Quantum Computers Begins

There are various teams and companies including the big giants IBM who are in the race of creating the best and fastest Quantum computer. Till now all the quantum computers which are presented by different companies can run only single operation which is very incongruous as compare to the theoretical knowledge of quantum computers that says that they can perform more operations. This new technology can bring revolution in the era of quantum computing.Click Here for More Computer Accessories.


Recently the team of researchers of University of Maryland announced that they have developed the First reprogrammable quantum computer. This computer is expected to be made of five ytterbium atoms that works with quantum bits and qubits of information that are also electrically charged in a magnetic field.

As stated by lead author, Shantanu Debnath, who is also a quantum physicist and optical engineer in the University of Maryland, till now there was no quantum computing platform which had the capacity to set new program algorithms into the system, rather they were made to work on a particular algorithm only.

In this Quantum Computer, ions are controlled by using lasers with the process of optical pumping, so that they are set into the required quantum state of energy. To infuse these ions with meticulous amount of energy, researchers program and reprogram the ions with different types of algorithms using laser. This process also shows how they intermingle with each other.


This new five qubit quantum computer is already tested on three algorithms. The quantum computers which came earlier could not execute these algorithms properly and quickly. These algorithms were, The Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, Bernstein algorithm, and the quantum Fourier transform algorithm. The results of these algorithms on the new quantum computer were very appreciable as its system scored 95%, 90%, and 70% respectively.

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