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The Five Incredible Features of Apple Watch! Catch the video!

Friends we have discussed about how moonstruck was I when the Apple Watch was released! Oh those elegant varied number of attractive straps, the enticing facade and the amazing branding, may sweep most of you off your feet. Before that happens lets find the five best features of Apple Watch!

The clock will wear your mood whenever you want it to! Seriously the Apple watch has numerous faces to match the daily expression that you carry, the attire that you wear and the strap that is looped.
With so many clock faces, it requires many straps or loops and believe me the engineers at Apple have thought about that as well! For every occasion and every clock face, you have a strap!
A watch profused with health sensors will never let you down either in your work-out sessions, calculating calories or doing daily activities!
The User Interface has always been Apple’s strong point, no Android or MIUI can beat it! It is as if a crowned UI in the developers market. The circular UI can be physically managed and adjusted accordingly.
Lastly, it is that trademark Apple design and feel that sets it apart and makes this piece of time so amazing and pocket-worthy!

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While writing the above incredible features, I am into a zone of the Apple designs, innovation and research. Thinking that the feel of it would be so great!

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