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The much awaited Voice Call feature for WhatsApp!


WhatsApp has finally has the free voice call feature. It has been rolled out for the few Indian users. The call icon would appear to the users only on the invite-only basis. This “invite-only” is that the users would get a call from WhatsApp from someone who would already got the voice call update.


This feature is only available for the Android users and the users would need to update with 2.11.508 version to get this app.


As of few images posted about this, few users who get the voice calling feature would also get an icon at the top beside the Contacts tab and the Chats tab. The icon for the voice calling is same as the smartphones contacts icon. This would even keep the records for the WhatsApp call history.

WhatsApp-voice call

This voice call feature comes after its rival Hike app rolled the voice calling on the 2G and 3G for that app. The WhatsApp free voice calling comes as after the rival app, Hike rolled out this feature for its app on 2G and 3G.

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