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The New Android Lollypop V/s the Old Android Kit Kit


Can we really title the blog as Versus since the improved and delightful version of Android KitKat is the Android holding a Lollypop! If you think, I said it well, then all kudos to me but on a thinking note, how far has Google taken the new Android Lollypop’s sweetness and lingering taste into! Let’s find out!

1.The Giant Leap as I would call it. The New Google 5.0 jump from the 4.4 is a huge deal to make scattered views better and integrated! They call it the Material World/Design! In easier terms, the appearance on the 5.0 Lollypop OS will be a hell lot better, sharper and almost like viewing 3D pictures or live pictures.

2.Wow this one great! Tiring of unlocking your device every-time you took a break or nap! Here’s the deal. Android Lollypop 5.0 has come out with a revised way of interacting with the notifications on your device. The moment you pick up your device, even before unlocking, it updates you about all the messages. And even let you answer the messages! Whoa! This is what Google can actually do! In KitKit, the chocolate needed some time baking and freezing!

3.The OS 5.0 is a lot more faster and swifter than the 4.4 KitKat, saving your time and interest.

4.The Android Lollypop is also adopting a DND, Do Not Disturb mode that lacked in Android KitKat. It will help you not get disturbed in the wee hours!


Let’s enjoy the lollypop licking 😉

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