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The New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is here! Note it!

After a long wait, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has finally been revealed the day before! The cinematic iPhone like event took us to many years back when Samsung was into feature phone category! The mobile phone had a tiny aerial that gave the significance of signal and the phone in itself gave a feeling of strength and status!

Note 4 slidder.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Accessories have a good collection in the market. Among all of them, the LatestOne.com provides good standard and fine quality products for the users. LatestOne has some sleek and stylish, business-ish type of covers. Suitable for everyone. The covers have good discounts for the users.

Now, things have transformed like the gusty wind’s direction, every tech body wants to jump into the smartphone bandwagon and be different but how distinct they really are? Let’s find out with Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

1.The look and the feel of the metal body frame is very premium! Especially the power back cover with four different colors of Frost White, Charcoal Black, Blossom Pink and Bronze Gold.
2.The second highlighting feature of the Note 4 is the 3.7 MP selfie camera which can have varied angles.
3.The fast power charging option that can add 50% power in almost 30 minutes. The charger comes along with the Note 4 package.
4.From a 13MP rear camera of Note 3 to a 16MP of Note 4, it has certainly jumped into the competitiveness of better optical image stabilization.
5.The S pen has turned out to be a boon, touching any portion of the display screen.
6.On the software side, Note 4 is faster and efficient than its predecessors. However introduction of some sensors like the heart rate monitor didn’t deliver fixed results.


You people are smart and so are you wise, spending something worth of Rs 58,300 is a hell lot! Hence, you have to decide and value your needs and demands carefully!

Stay tune to TechTalk for First Looks!

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