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The Secret Formula of Apple at the IFA 2014!

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It has been the trait and trade of Apple to leave an air of mystery and secrets in upcoming events like IFA 2014! While its competitors believe in being the early birds of revelations and businesses, Apple has been an endorser of secrets!

It has been to the forefront that while Apple plans to exhibit its much hyped iPhone 6 with bigger screen display and its first ever iWatch on the pen-ultimate day of the event, the others like Samsung and Moto will encash this wonderful opportunity in the initial days!


The feeling of this mystery is so eerie for the competitors that they believe if the earlier, the better-off!

This year’s IFA will see not only phablets and upgraded smartphones but it will also witness some mind-blowing penetration by companies into smartwatch line of gadgets! Although smartwatches are only a gizmo enthusiast’s love!

Well, may the secrecy of Apple be soon over and the fans get bowled over to the core!

IFA 2014 welcomes 1500 exhibitors where almost a quarter of a million are expected!

Stay tune to TechTalk for IFA 2014!

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