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The Top Five Nostalgic Phones of Nokia! Which One was Yours?

I was certainly in my college and the millennium celebrations were over! My father had bought this new packet that none of us had a clue of!

We had only heard about the latest gadget, none had experienced it ever! By unwrapping the packet, we had found our Eureka moment! For the sake of those memories imbibed in our memory lane, I present to you the top five nostalgic Nokia phones ever!

Nokia 3310- Oh! I had called it the 21st century walkie-talkie, blowing our minds off the body! It was a petit looking phone with vibration as stout as the Hercules! Remember it and take a look!

Nokia 1100- Best known as the torch phone, it was found in every person’s hand! It was that hit, I guess the bestselling phone ever. This phone reminds me of my friend who had very angrily thrown it like some piece of paper in our hostel room. Luckily, every dismantled piece was found to be okay and re-made perfectly. Have a look!

Nokia N95- Remembered as the smartphone of that time, this phone really had it all! 5MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and Wi-Fi! I remember having taken a lot of pictures with this smartphone!

Nokia E71- The Nokia E71 was an answer to Blackberry’s corporate phones! With the Symbian technology and full Qwerty keypad, it had quick MS office to go with it!

Nokia 5310- The first of its kind and one of my most favourite phones. The Nokia Xpress Music had every music lovers heart clung to it! Simple can’t forget how light and vibrant it used to be!

It was a medium of wonder for some of us! The first ever hands-on experience with a mobile phone ever! The first ever pronounced word of “Mobile Phones!” It now brings wrinkles to my lips while writing about the most nostalgic Nokia phones! For some it was a medium of joy, fascination, eureka and love! For me, a mobile in my hand, was like some alien remote control of an unknown spaceship!

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