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The uproar in amending the dual brand strategy by Lenovo

Motorola mobility is an American telecommunication company that was set up back in 2011, got detached from Motorola and formerly merged with Google and Lenovo. However, there will be recent changes visible in the branding of the products that would result in annihilating the name of Motorola quoted by the President and Chief Operating Officer, Rick Osterloh. “We’ll slowly phase out Motorola”. Instead, they would totally focus on the name “Moto”.For More Check Motorola Accessories.

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Motorola incorporated with Lenovo way back in 2014 with the hope of extending its market strategies worldwide and become “strong global player in the fast-growing mobile space.” The turmoil regarding the statement by Rick Osterloh was later on elaborated by the Motorola chief operating officer himself.Eventually, the Lenovo chairman and the CEO of the company interposed that they will try to bring in something new that the market has always wanted and reached to all its customers and moreover they will start applying the dual brand strategy.

The thrust of the Motorola already exists in the commercial network which already had led in further innovations and successful growth due to their unique simplicity and design of the smartphones. Therefore Lenovo contemplates in increasing the profit of the Motorola business to six quarters after they have visualized the increasing consumer attention of the Moto 360. The changes in the dual brand strategy have already started. Moreover, the brand has kept a smooth pace in meeting the demands of the technology market but in comparison, it still lies behind Lenovo that has got higher index rating.

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The strategy might just help them to hold on to the customers that they have retained for these years. Lenovo also has attained the title of largest PC maker, the third largest company who produces tablet though in terms of smartphone producer it still lies in the fifth position and mostly the sales were invited from the Motorola brand.

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