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These Tech Inventions Just Did not Work!!!


Well not necessarily that all technological innovation hit the mark or hit the likes of the people! It is true, the same amount of idea, research and money goes into it but something called charisma lacks, may be! Hence, lets find out five tech inventions that just did not make a mark!

1.Microsoft Kin- Though, it looks amazing and was actually not that bad but just didn’t work because of its price!


2.Amazon Fire Phone- May be you are a top and a very popular country but there are some low points that just do not work! For Amazon, such was a case with the Fire Phone! It just didn’t strike a chord with the audience!


3.Apple Lisa- I had never heard of this product before, trying to brush up my tech knowledge, I came to know about this product from Apple with girly name that just didn’t work. The flaws, strange usability features and non-affordability!


4.Windows Vista- Oh! It can be called the most horrible experience of a Microsoft Windows version. Its OS was just nay!


5.Microsoft Bob- I t was the hilarious of all software that Microsoft had ever created. No prices for guessing that it did not click at all!


Such blunders do happen but as an innovator company, trying all possible alternatives is the best thing to do!

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