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This Malicious Video Link Can easily Cause Freeze to Any iOS Device; Requires Hard Reboot

From time to time, it has been quite common. A peculiar iOS bug will rise that causes some kind of impermanent misbehaving for general users who are affected by it. For example, almost two years prior, the scandalous “effective power” bug was popular and took the internet by storm, and we’ve seen many other different comparative issues from that point forward.Presently, it has been found that playing a specific .mp4 video in Safari on any iOS device will become the reason for a device to slow down to craw and in the long run freeze the device completely.

Seeing a specific video in Safari will make iOS basically overload and step by step get to be unusable. We won’t connect the irresistible video here for evident reasons. However, you can trust us when we say that it truly renders your device unusable.Check Here For More Apple Accessories

It’s not evidently clear in the matter of why this happens. The conceivable reason is that it’s essentially a corrupted or tainted video that is some kind of memory leak and when it is played, iOS isn’t certain how to legitimately handle it, yet there’s like more to it than just that.Due to the nature of flaw, it isn’t particular to a specific iOS assemble or build. Playing video on an iPhone running for a while will result in the freeze of the device and device will become unusable.Oddly, with iOS 10.2 beta 3, if your iPhone get affected by the bug for a long time, it will shut the power down and indefinitely show the spinning wheel that you usually observe during the shutdown procedure.

If somebody sends you the link with malicious video and you get bulldozed by it, this is fortunately and rarely an entirely simple issue to fix. You should simply follow the process of hard rebooting of your device. For any iPhone apart from the iPhone 7, this can be easily done by long-pressing the power and Home button at the same time. The iPhone 7, obviously, uses another non-mechanical Home button. If you want to reboot an iPhone 7, you should long-press the power button and volume down button in the same time.

Till the present time, it doesn’t give the idea that there are any longstanding impacts of watching the malignant video. Probably, this is something Apple will settle with a forthcoming programming upgrade, however in the meantime, be careful for suspicious links that are floating around out there.


There have been message-based bugs previously that have become the reason of freezing for iOS devices. Apple has been star dynamic with regards to launching fixes for such bugs. A recently discovered malicious video link has been found that creates any iPhone to completely freeze. Unfortunately, Apple is yet to recognize the bug.

The malicious video link, initially reported by Everything Apple Pro, becomes the reason for any iOS device, whether an iPhone, an iPod touch, or iPad, to totally freeze when opened in Safari. The main way out is to follow the process of hard rebooting the device to recover the device in working condition.

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