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To Expand the Oculus Division Facebook hires Experts in Europe

A Team of experts have been hired by a leading social networking website, Facebook in London, for its virtual reality division. As per the reports, this will be the first European base of Oculus. Click Here for Virtual Reality Headset.


According to the reports sent by reliable sources, the company has extended its engineering and development staff in the recent months after the acquisition of Oculus in year 2014 at a value of $2 billion. The CEO Mark Zuckerberg of social networking site, Facebook is rumored to be investing huge amount on the virtual reality section for the betterment of the company.

Last year Facebook has purchased British virtual reality, surreal vision and guided its team of engineers and developers to its Oculus Office placed in Redmond, confirmed by reports. This team of specialists for Oculus is leaded by Mike LeBeau, who was also been the senior engineer in Google. He is the first person who developed the voice search software for the company. He has joined Oculus in the month of January 2016 and has moved from London to Washington.

Le Beau posted on the Facebook social site that “We are going to build some cool stuff”. Mark Zuckerberg has great expectation from this new addition to the company and is expecting virtual reality to be the best and the latest technological feature to interact. The company CEO also stated that virtual reality will emerge as a most popular social platform and the company, with the help of its team of engineers will help to make many more advanced social applications with-in this year.


It is also being rumored that apart from Facebook, Google and Sony companies are also working hard to add virtual reality in their mainstream software. Apple is also expected to be indulged in applying the same for its applications.

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