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Top 8 DIY Ideas to Hide Wires at Your Home

Cables and Wires are inevitable and sometimes they may become a reason to be annoyed. Wires cannot be avoided at all, and concealed wiring is also not possible for the appliances and electronics. In such cases, one has no choice but to live with it. Here are some DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wire hiding ideas that will not just help you hide the wires but would also make the entire place decorative.

1. Hide them behind fence

Readymade fencing blocks of 6 inch height are available in materials like plastic and wood. Just place this fencing about 2 inch away from wall and hide all your wires tactfully.

DIY-Hiding Behind Fence

2. Let the wire create a design by itself

Wires can be used as designing tools. Let your wire take the course of any beautiful design on the wall. All you need is an extra wire.

3. Decorate the wire

You can stick some leaves, birds, and flowers to the wire and make it decorative.

4. Hide the wire in artificial tree branches

Some hollow tree branches of rubber can be used to pass the wire from within. It will not just hide the wire but will give a whole new look to the wall.

DIY - Create Design byItself

5. Make geometrical patterns from the wire

If natural designs are not easy to form then go geometrical shapes made out of wire.

6. Select the wire of same color or turn it into a fancy contrast

The same colored wires or completely contrasting wires can be used for either extra loud or silent effect.

7. Create an art around the wire and make it a part of it

Convert your wire into an art piece by adding some creative and extra details around it.

DIY - Wire Pattern

8. Symmetry of wires

When there are multiple wires, create a symmetry.

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