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Top Five Reasons Why We Need the Internet!

Before pulling out that plug, we need to realize how relevant internet has become in our lives! Gosh! I would be so terrible without it!

Like almost unproductive and dysfunctional! Like so handicapped! Let’s find out how our lives would be without the spider webs of the internet.

No speedy communication would be possible to anyone or towards anything- Now that would extremely terrible! It would take us almost into stone-age! Waiting would be mandatory! Time would be surely wasted.

No Socializing Honey- Can you imagine our lives without social chatting, online dating, social networking or online messaging? I know you simply can’t!

Setback for trending Business- Businesses that solely depend on it will be highly affected! And I know most of the businesses today depend a hell lot on it!

Faster Lives- With internet on our finger-tips, things sped up. Buying, selling, getting information, socializing, the world became faster and our lives too paced up.

Information and Research- Imagining life without gaining fast information is seriously horrible. Internet is massive information directory! It provides useful as well as useless data and resources.

We stand up and how in the 21st century depends a lot on the effects Internet! So, let’s all bow down and give it a smart salute! My hats are already off!

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