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Top Ten ways to Prank iPhone Users? Follow this…

It has been extremely perky for me these days. Almost like butterflies in my stomach wanting to spit out certain questions to all the iPhone users and play pranks with them all day!

Let’s do one thing, ponder as to what all non-iPhone users want to ask to the people using iPhones. Let’s take this as a prank exercise!

If you have an iPhone, what is the idea behind clicking pictures infront of a mirror? Strangely everybody does this even with an iPhone.
Some people have a habit of already having an iPhone with them but checking out somebody else’s! Why iPhone users have such a practice?
Why do most people with iPhone turn off their imessage?
Why do iPhone users still send text emojis?
I have seen people with iPhone use a BBM chat! That is ridiculous! Why do people with iPhone do that?
My friends using iPhones always put me in a group chat. Why?
People with iPhone only boast about their stuff and features in it! Why do they do that?
Why do people with iPhones always need a charger? Is the battery back up that bad?
Why don’t people with iPhone use the front camera while taking a selfie?
At at end of the day, it is a phone and hence everybody should call it by that name! Why is an iPhone called an iPhone?

Stay tune to TechTalk for more prank exercise!;-)

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