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Toshiba Satellite P50t-B Y3110- Laptop with 4K display Ever!

Toshiba P4K

What more do you expect in a technology than constant change and innovation? I expect you to say nothing! Well, leaving behind my imposition, I would like you guys to love the first ever laptop with 4K display!

This ultra HD laptop is the Japanese Company’s commercial gift to the upcoming tech market! Lets’s find out more about it!

It has a 15.6 inches display with a larger than life factor! It weighs 2.3 kg.
The speakers are from Harman Kardon that treasures a DTS sound technology.
It is the only laptop to provide a 4K resolution Ultra HD display, a 3840x2160p! The texts and images look absolutely stunning and crisp.
It supports a ten finger touch support on its touch enabled screen.
The OS is a Windows 8.1 that is updated to Update 1 for better support.
There are additional softwares like Chrome Tune, CyberLink Media Show 6, a video player, Amazon Kindle apps and a customized system apps other than Skype. One can uninstall these apps if not required.
It has a vigorous 2.5 GHz 4th Generation Intel i7-4710HQ processor along with 16 GB RAM and AMD Radeon R9 M265X.
There is a 1TB hybrid hard drive out of which an 8 GB solid state storage facilitates the performance of a speedy boot.
An HD front web-camera along with a speaker makes it easier for chat.

The disappointment in this tremendous laptop is its feeble battery life that hardly lasts for couple of hours. However, the terrific clarity of the pictures and the sharpness of texts might compensate things for your benefit and interest! Overall, the laptop comes with a great look that is brushed with strokes of aluminum and sports a satin gold color! The keyboard also sports the same strokes of aluminum.

Toshiba P series 1

I know you guys are holding your breath for the cost of this ultimately built laptop! Well, it is decently priced at Rs 86,000 with the premium combination of a great built, 4K display and high-end specifications! So, if the battery life is not an item of issue for you, swipe that shiny maintained plastic of yours!

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