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Unused storage Space Bug Fixed by WhatsApp Updates for iOS

Famous social messaging app WhatsApp has updated its app version 2.12.15 for iOS. The new update eliminates the bug that uses the unused storage space in the iPhone. The updated version refers the bug and ensures that in the new version the bug is totally eliminated that has instigated usage of storage space in iPhone smartphones.Click Here for more iPhone Accessories.


The new updated version of WhatsApp for iOS not only addressed the bug and fixed it but it also fixed another bug that sometimes crash the App. By installing the App user can send and receive PDF files easily and also can share as well as browse photos and videos from other apps already installed in the phone like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and google drive with the help of WhatsApp new updated version 2.12.15. For doing so one has to open the video or photo in the Library and tap and choose another app, the target will be ready to be installed.

The App also facilitates users to zoom their videos while watching them on WhatsApp. With the use of new updates for iOS, now users will No longer be troubled by the space consumption problem. The app also carries the capability to change the chat back ground colors from the variety of vibrant colors offered through the app. Recently WhatsApp for Android v2.12.500 also was launched with enhanced features to facilitate users to keep a check on the encoded and the distorted messages.


The new updated version of one of the largest social chatting website WhatsApp supported for iOS has completely eliminated the worries of the users by fixing the bug which eats bigger unused storage space and also provided improved features to enhance the working capacity of the WhatsApp and its messenger app.

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