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Use this cool trick to instantly free up space in your iPhone

Low space on your iPhone is one of the common problems for all iPhone users. Even for Apple user’s with 16GB iPhone variants this problem exists as one gets only 11GB of the space with rest getting used by Apple’s iOS system installations. Thereby, leaving the user running low on space dynamics with few apps installations or storages.Click Here for more iPhone Accessories.


As per a thread available on Reddit, there is a cool trick to open doors to this problem that claims to reclaim some of the used-up space that involves renting a movie from iTunes. Watch the trick work by just going to Settings > General > About and scrolling to Available.

Check on the available space and move forward to the iTunes store. Start searching for a movie that is bigger in size than the available space in your phone, and then click Rent at the top of the same page. As the phone doesn’t have enough support space for the movie rent, the user won’t be charged for the same, along with a display message of “You don’t have enough available storage”.


After clicking on OK just get back to the settings page to check the storage space availability. A visible significant rise in the available storage space will be noticed therein. This process can be repeated a few times for more visible results on free spacing.

Until now it is not clear about the actual backbone working process of the trick but this is clear that it has definitely a link with the cache memory and the other storage from apps getting cleaned up, as per the report. This is definitely a great way of getting free space available for the Apple users by freeing more space through this process.

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