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Using One Plus 2’s new ‘Shelf’ feature

One Plus 2 has introduced the Shelf feature in its phone which helps you track the recent apps easily from the home screen. The idea is not new in terms of technology as this feature is already present in Samsung devices as Flipboard and Nexus devices as Now Page. Till date these features have been found on Android phones but One Plus 2 that is working on Oxygen OS has also made this feature available to its users and as experts call it – Oxygen OS is the customised version of Android and it is quite apparent from their features.Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.


If you are new to One Plus 2, then you may note that this much talked about feature is present on the left side of your home screen and it has all the frequently used apps, weather conditions, and contacts. The whole idea of this feature is to save your time browsing through applications. If you have not yet started using this feature, here is few ways in which you can do it.


New Users – The first time users are always prompted about setting up Shelf. You will come across a question, “Do you want to enable Shelf?” and to this you can select yes, but for those who have already replied “No” to this question, here is what you can do.

Existing Users – Go to settings page and enable Shelf. To add more widgets, use the + sign and to edit use the “Pencil” icon. If you want to remove something from the shelf, just swipe it off when you have kept the edit mode on.

This feature is easy to use and quite useful too. It will make your mobile user-friendly the way One Plus 2 has intended.

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