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Waiting for Microsoft Lumia…


This sounds kind of jittery and nostalgic to me when there will be no more Nokia imprint on the Lumia phones! Well, some android and iOS users might not agree to my sense of compassion and inclination for the brand that I carry but I am going to surely state it!

It is kind of rough when certain brands fall off or lose their existence, specially when you have used it thoroughly over the time. But they say, all good things are not forever! Hence, let’s now wait for Microsoft Lumia brand that is pretty obvious, especially when the company had taken over Nokia some time ago!


Microsoft still has the recently released Lumia 730 & 830 under the name of the Finnish company! However, these devices will be the last ones to carry the name! So, it’ll be a new branding, a new day for Microsoft Lumia!

There is an agreement that Nokia will not produce any smartphone or feature phone under its name until 2015! But the brand still exists in the Finnish land!


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