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What You Might Miss From Apple!!!


Innovations and Research has taken the pulse of Apple over a period of time. There are few products that have won accolades and few that have gradually faded away. This has been the trend in almost every tech business. But as far as Apple and its products are concerned, they are always under the radar of constant innovation.

Let’s today find out about those Apple products that have suddenly disappeared or that you might miss!

1.iPhone 5- It suddenly disappeared from the market just after the release of iPhone 5s and 5c!


2.iPad 2- Post the release of iPad mini, many people found it very convenient and hence the production of iPad 2 was halted.


3.White MacBook- With the launch of a much cooler and hi-street Macbook Air, there was a discontinuation of White MacBook!

white macbook

4.iPod Classic- Oh, it was noticed in the release of iPhone 6 that the favorite iPod classic is nowhere to be found!


5.32 GB iPhones- Well, the 32 department has been completely scrapped off the Apple book!


6.Earbuds- The original all white chord along with a cute earbud has been revamped to a more high-street designed EarPod!


The magic of technology is that it keeps altering but the worst part of it is that it does make people like me nostalgic!

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