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WhatsApp Calling Now Available On Windows Phone

WhatsApp calling, the latest feature of the popular social networking app WhatsApp, is till date not available on Windows phone but now there is no need for Windows phone users to feel bad about it, as this desired feature is already available on Windows phone as well.

The voice calling feature on WhatsApp was earlier introduced in April only for iOS and Android phones while the popular Windows phones were deprived of this feature. Now, this famous calling feature is also made available to Windows 8 and above.



WhatsApp has become one of the extensively used messaging apps and their voice calling feature is also getting the same popularity since March when for the very first time this calling feature was presented to Android and then to iOS in April. The main advantage of this WhatsApp feature is calling for free through internet connectivity.


The voice calling feature is made available to the users having WhatsApp version 2.12.60 loaded on their phone. The calling through WhatsApp was earlier allowed with the help of regular calling feature and was charged at regular rates but from now on WhatsApp users can call other users through the voice calling feature that is free and supported by internet. This is just an extension of the earlier audio and video messaging features introduced by WhatsApp but the difference is that the voice calling is live and two way.

The new VOIP calls by WhatsApp have surely made android, iOS, and Windows phone users go gaga about it but the idea has not yet been that successful in India as the quality of internet is not that good. The uninterrupted voice quality can be the result of good internet connectivity and that is something which is not possible till date but with advent of 4G Data connectivity, this will surely take its course.

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