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Will Apple Bring its Best Foot forward? Sooner IFA 2014 will unveil!


Ever since the death of the world’s one of the famous tech personalities, the world is prying about its fate and also about its customary surprises!

With the IFA 2014 event counting its fingers on the launch of Apple’s next line of products, will its recently positioned CEO, Tim Cook be able to donate to similar tastes of innovation?

This is not only there on my my jittery and dazed mind but is there on the lips of San Francisco to India! Today, the veil of the much rumored Apple’s new products will be disclosed at the IFA event. This launch will be like answering to all those fans, users and critics of the incredibility that the tech giant might be able to offer.


From the last 25 years, Apple has been the ‘apple of the user’s eye. With its terrific product innovation and constant transformation, it has created a die-hard audience for itself. But not forgetting that the expectations are mounting and the pressure building. With Apple’s majority profit coming from the smartphones, will the new CEO prove it that he has it in him?

With that note, I’ll inform you about the new Apple gadgets expected to hit the eyes:

iWatch- Apple’ first ever smartwatch.
iPhone 6- It is expected to be out in two variants, a 5 inches and a 4.7 inches.
Mobile Wallet-making shopping a thrilling experience.
Health Kit

apple veil3

You can very well be a part of the dazzling experience live if you follow the following:

Visit the company’s official website.
For live streaming of the launch , you need to have Safari 5.1.10 or later on operating system Xv10.6.8 or later OS versions!
If you want to watch it from smart devices like iPhone or iPad, the OS should fave iOS 6.0 or later versions.
For the people of India, the New Delhi live streaming time is at 10:30 pm tonight!

Stay Tune to TechTalk for IFA 2014.

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