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Worlds First Hand free Smartphone for the Physically Challenged.


The World’s first totally hands free smartphone is been built by the Israeli company for the physically challenged. This smartphone which was developed by the Sesame Enable which is a start up.


It is designed for the physically challenged with the spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ASL or any other disabilities that usually affect the usage of the hands and also the arms.


The Android smartphone, Sesame that would have the proprietary of the head tracking technology. Which is the advanced version of the computer algorithm and this smartphone’s front facing camera which would track the user’s head movements which would allow the user to actually control the cursor on the phones screen.


By this mind reading moment of the cursor which would be essentially a finger to them for the usage of the smartphone like any other. The $1,000 phone which won a ‘Verizon Powerful Answer’ award with the prize of $1 million which would be roughly about Rs. 6 crores in money. That phones developer, who him self is physically challenged, Giora Livne, is now planning to give about 30 Sesame smartphones to the people who need it.


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